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Social Media Marketing

It all starts with the strategy. How do you want to structure your online marketing? Do you prefer your social media organic or paid? Which is better? Neither. Do both! Don't get stuck in black-and-white, this-or-that false dichotomies. It's fine if you want to lean more one way than the other, though. We can do that.

Once we have the strategy defined, it’s time to manage content creation, daily posts, media production, user engagement, community growth, email marketing, and of course lead generation. Last but not least, we’ll track, measure, and report all activities in order to revise and optimize the strategy when necessary.

Community Management

Yes, the one-way message blasting in which brands speak and followers just listen is dead. Customers want and need you to hear them, so you must establish real communication between the brand and its community. Community management includes starting conversations and answering messages. It means engaging with your audience, providing recognition, and showing appreciation. Through this conversation with customers, the brand obtains vital information on its image and offerings.

Content Creation

Engaging content that delivers value can nestle you next to the hearts of your customers. We’ll find out what your clients want to read or see and craft this content. Then we’ll create a content calendar, publish posts using its guidelines, and measure the results.

We also recognize user-generated content as a huge part of the equation. Encouraging your brand advocates to speak for you boosts your brand better than the finest advertising a company can buy.

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